• FAQs


Can I walk instead of run?

Absolutely, however if you are walking the 5K course you must finish by the course cut-off of 9:00 AM or if you're walking the half marathon you must finish by the course cut-off of 11:30 AM as the courses will no longer be supported after that point.

Is there a cut-off time?

Yes, the cut-off time for the 5K is 9:00 AM and the cut-off time for the half marathon is 11:30 AM.

Are kids welcome? And do we have to pay for them?

Yes! Kids are definitely welcome! If they want a time and/or a shirt, they will need to be registered.

Are headphones allowed?

Yes. Please be mindful of those around you and make sure you are able to hear any emergency announcements.

Are dogs allowed?

No, unfortunately dogs are not allowed.


Definitely! But we do ask that you start toward the back so as not to impede the other runners.

Can I just come for the party?

Sure! This event is a chance to celebrate the women we love and the women and men who support them, too! Come on out to cheer on your friends and family and support local businesses.